Note: This site is around for archival purpose only. Look around at some cool art and cringy writing I did when I was younger.

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This stuff is from a Computer Art class I had in 11th and 12th grade, and just fooling around on school computers. This is why many are created in programs other than MS Paint. The class made use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS4.

Sun attacking a Village

October 2010

This was some sort of early landscape project. It had to involve a 3D objects, with shadows and lighting.

The mountains are pretty ugly and flat, but that was the way we were taught to do them. The Sun was my favourite part, it was inspired from my 10th grade comic which you can see on this page. I kind of overdid the flare tool (couldn't help myself). Expect to see it a lot on any Illustrator works on this page. But overall I think it's one of my favourite things I made in the class just because it let me express my own theme. Maybe I should use the Sun more often instead of sea monsters all the time.

I think my work was a tad more exciting than a majority of the class's, but I don't want too blow my own horn, y'know.

Green Abstract

Red Abstract

October 2010

These two were just showcases for random effects and things. The green one is the one I ended up submitting. I'll have you know I had an average of 95% in this class, whether that was my own infinite skill or just considering the caliber of submissions, I don't know.

Vector Drawing Face of Guy

November 2010

Nice and creepy, eh? This was that common vector type drawing exercise they make you do when you're first introduced to it. I've decided to put it up just to kind of prove I do have that sort of skill. This one's not me, heh (maybe you thought it was?), but we did have to make one of ourself afterwards. Of course, I'm far too camera shy to put that up here. Of course, I would also note it's slightly better quality than this one, but, I guess I can't prove that can I?

Pink stickman running through pink fields

November 2010

This is the only thing I made in Photoshop that isn't just picture editing. Not part of any project, I just made it on a whim with my first experiences with the program. For some reason everything is pink... just seemed like the thing to do.

Pink stickman standing silently on cooler pink hill

November 2010

The previous one was good in theory, but it was a bit too rough for my tastes. I whipped this up pretty quickly, of course abusing Photoshop's brush tools. That's how you use Photoshop, right? The moon effect was some stroke of genius, or so it seemed at the time.

But I was starting to retch at the incredibly uptightness of it.

Pink stickmen fighting and ruining a good art peice

November 2010

Much much much better. A++

New Age Eh hem Banner
New Age Eh hem Banner 2

December 2010

I made these quickly as a sort of test, though I was starting to run out of free time with the class so I never polished them. I traced the horse from an actual painting of a winged horse, and the "Eh hem" was vaguely trying to emulate the classic Pepsi logo.

Eh hem in a Box design

January 2011

My final project in the 11th grade class was this box design. It's decent enough. It's got this really shiny cool-ness to it but then it also seems flat, because I didn't really understand lighting much then. I added drop shadows to everything to try to solve that because it made everything look marginally better, but I can't call it my best work. If I could work more with Illustrator/Photoshop, I would, but I don't really have the money to waste on them or the brief immorality to pirate.

The next batch of stuff is from a 12th grade class, I don't think much of it is exceptionally good; kinda disappointed with a lot of it, but oh well.

Catch-All Logo

March 2012

This is an early logo project; no real clear justification for picking a fairly generic fishing company logo. Turned out alright enough, not terribly exciting. The colourful symbol is probably a bit too busy for a logo.

Catch-All Animation

March 2012

Here's an odd animation for the former logo; made extremely quickly with Photoshop's animation panel, it features some sort of image bleeding that wasn't there when I made it. Not terribly surprised really, not like I knew much of what I was doing.

Along with that, I also have the following weird little thing for that project too.

Catch-All Infinity Box Ad

Arctic Greeting Card

April 2012

A greeting card, as you can see. Ignoring traditional greeting card themes, I wanted to try my hand at drawing an Arctic scene in Photoshop; but I never felt like I nailed a really great look or anything. Very soft and lighting was off. I tried a few different fronts and backs, got a nice effect on one set there, but none really satisfied me.

Page Background Coral Decoration
Page Background Fish Decoration