Note: This site is around for archival purpose only. Look around at some cool art and cringy writing I did when I was younger.

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Sea Monster Signature
Sea Monster Signature
Sea Monster Signature
Sea Monster Signature
Sea Monster Signature
Sea Monster Signature

May 2012

Making a "Gaming Signature" was literally a project; employing the (I guess) traditional 'grab a few renders and Photoshop effects everywhere'. Didn't work on them long; but I can't say I've gained much respect for the style or anything. Taking renders and stuff from other people with little thought doesn't grab me, and I think MS Paint-style has a much, much more unique look.

Candy Matchsticks Advertisement Piece

May 2012

For some reason I forgot I had this one, only putting it up much later than the previous bunch. It's actually quite colourful and has some good energy to it, I'm surprised I didn't remember it. I have a few alternates experimenting with variation of effects around. Certainly, it abuses some regular Illustrator effects a bit much, but it definitely has charm. The logo isn't half-bad either, though most people would probably say it's far too busy.

Design-wise, the coloured matchsticks were definitely a good idea to get across, yes, this is supposed to be a weird candy advertisement.

Underwater School Web Banner Ad Piece

May 2012

Another later find - this one wasn't actually an in-class project, it was just requested by another teacher for an event being run by the school. They needed a banner to go up on the school website, so I decided to volunteer, and it ended up being selected! It's actually fairly slick looking in my opinion, even if the background/pictures are just pulled from given sources.

Fire Combo Image

May 2012

The next three images were for testing our Photoshop image merging capabilities. Most are pretty amateur-ish (I'm very self-critical), but the lighting effects give them enough gloss to look interesting to the naked eye. They had potential for sure, but I needed more time.

It's a horse riding knight or two attacking a jar wielding a gun! In a graveyard! With fire! Fabulous, right?

Ice Combo Image

May 2012

Crazy mystery ice figures? This I fiddled with the concept a lot, throwing on words and palm blasts from the background figure but eventually ditching them. I thought the frozen outer edge was a fairly interesting idea, not sure if I perfected it.

Percentage Combo Image

May 2012

Pretty haphazardly thrown together, the tomato in the CD Case and the gorilla eye being center points. And 100% Percentage actually was an intended grammatical mistake for weird stylistic effect.

Canadian Walrus Article Cover

June 2012

Summative stuff; had to make a 3 page magazine article. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head for a magazine project was magazines, so I put a magazine in my magazine so you can read while you read. "The Canadian Walrus" was a 7th grade project I had lying on my desk for years, so I just scanned it up and made an article about it.

I'm lazy though; the writing in the article doesn't have much to do with anything and is just repeated over and over.

This project isn't quite horrible, but it's not terribly interesting like a good sea monster fight.

Canadian Walrus Page 1

Canadian Walrus Page 2

Below; Final summative was a 10 page Book. The teacher wanted us to use personal photos and drawings, none from the internet. I hate photos myself, so I decided there wasn't any reason I couldn't use all the art I had here. So I turned it into a portfolio book.

Eh hem: The Book Cover

Eh hem: The Book Page 7

June 2012

Honestly, most of the text is lifted straight from this site, and the art is all here too. I'm not going to show off the rest of the pages because on their own they look pretty basic and average.

That's all for that class; there's a few more doo-dads I could show but nothing notable. I could probably do better with more practice in Adobe, but the class actually really re-affirmed my liking for MS Paint. It's simplistic, has a definable style, and honestly more easily impressive.

Sea Monsters fighting

September 2010

All the real artists use Microsoft Word.

Godzilla monster destroying a city

Fall 2010

All the real artists use Microsoft Excel?

Page Background Coral Decoration
Page Background Fish Decoration