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These are all my vehicles I have pictures of to showcase, I posted them on the Rare Witch Project forum way back when Nuts and Bolts was a new game. Some text might be outdated (this is my lazy way of covering lazy editing). The first 90% of them are classic Banjo (and some Nuts and Bolts) bosses recreated.

They do all function, fly/swim/bounce/float/drive/dive/stand, etc. My goal was to also make them 'accurate' size, so some detail and form was sacrificed. I can send these to people if they really wanted them, but this is a game from 2008 (though totally still worth buying).

Lord Woo Fak Fak

Lord Woo Fak Fak Vehicle Screenshot

Works as a sub. Also comes with a gyroscope! So if you want to relive the great act of floating upside down, your dreams are fulfilled! And by some quirk of nature, he can now fly.... what?


Terry Vehicle Screenshot

Can fly. Has a rust bin for a mouth, continuing the proud tradition of shooting gross things from his mouth.

Old King Coal

Old King Coal Vehicle Screenshot

Shoots fire from his hands. Not an actual trait of King Coal, but I needed to incorporate fire somehow. Also has EMP, to portray that move he had were he heated the lava around him. Kinda looks accurate.


Targitzan Vehicle Screenshot

Stands tall. Shoots egg guns in all directions. Includes his really sacred self-destruct.


HAG 1 Vehicle Screenshot

Jack of all trades. Torpedoes, lasers, drill, cool looking wheels, license plate, smokescreen, EMP, stereo, self-destruct....


Weldar Vehicle Screenshot

Can shoot fire (using the Weldar's breath part, haha), suck-n-blow mouth too. Pretty proud of his detailed body. Can even jump around (but not very high....)! Comes with self-destruct.

Mr. Patch

Mr. Patch Vehicle Screenshot

Roughly floats with hidden balloons. Shoots rust bin from mouth, which unfortunately, gets stuck and damages himself.

Chilli Billi

Chilli Billi Vehicle Screenshot

Can fly. Has to use propellers because his wings are as strong as tissue paper. Breaths fire, etc. Has cool looking feet.

Chilly Willy

Chilly Willy Vehicle Screenshot

Fairly copy-paste, which is authentic! Shoots ice from mouth.

Mingy Jongo

Mingy Jongo Vehicle Screenshot

It's Mingy Jongo! Standing in front of his chair all by himself! He can even shoot lasers and turn invisible!

Mingy Jongo 2 Vehicle Screenshot

But wait, there's more! For some odd reason, his chair follows him around. Quite the crafty shaman impersonator. If you go in first person mode, you're practically playing as him!

I almost just took a picture of a robo-fix part and called it Mingy Jongo.

Super Mr. Patch

Silver Mr. Patch Vehicle Screenshot

A Nuts & Bolts boss!

Now with a shiny chrome exterior. And interior. Lost his Rust Bin shooting mouth to humour his non-lethal appearance; and because it didn't work anyway.


Nipper Vehicle Screenshot

Fun to make. Sits around like he's supposed so.


Conga Vehicle Screenshot

Had to use that lame Orange Slick.

Horn makes obnoxious sounds just like Conga. Looks a bit odd though.

Boss Boom Box

Boss Boom Box Vehicle Screenshot

It's Boss Boom Box!

Boss Boom Box Exploded Vehicle Screenshot



Not really a boss, but whatever.

Clanker Vehicle Screenshot

He's as fun as he looks. Blowhole works as gun. Works as a sub, with gives him the added bonus of flying...

Mutie Snippet

Mutie Snippet Vehicle Screenshot

Unfortunately, he's immobile.

King Zubba

King Zubba Vehicle Screenshot

What's that you say? There's no boss called King Zubba? I tried (and pretty much failed).


Stompadon Vehicle Screenshot

It's Stompadon! He's so huge, he can't fit on screen *cough*! He can jump around, stomping people.


Motzand Vehicle Screenshot

He floats eerily. Even plays music!


Chompasaurus Vehicle Screenshot

He can swim around. He can suck & blow (ie. eat people), and he has 2 levels of height. I know most of that leaves you scratching your head.


Napper Vehicle Screenshot

Is it just me, or has he gained weight? He's still partially see-through, and continues to sit and guard things. He's currently out of things to guard. Maybe bad history is to blame?

Yellow Flibbit

Yellow Flibbet Vehicle Screenshot

Gosh, that's a stretch. He's gained the ability the leap 100 feet into the airrr!!!

Saucer of Peril

Saucer of Peril Vehicle Screenshot

Another not-boss. Flies relatively well. Shoots stuff.


Broomstick Vehicle Screenshot

Grunty the witch flew this beauty once. Reduced to a bundle of twigs by the end of B-K. But now is his triumphant return! He can fly around, expel smoke (but now only in the black variety), and he even does flips without that huge overflowing body on it!


Snacker Vehicle Screenshot

Snacker! The picture of intensity. He swims a bit overly fast. He also has his trademark ability to play music when he appears! But maybe not as soul-shivering as it used to be.


Jinjonator Vehicle Screenshot

He flies around, and.... he.... scares witches. And stuff.

Mr. Vile

Mr. Vile seems to have gotten a species change.

Mr. Vile 2 Vehicle Screenshot

Here's an alternate version..... not any better.

Tower of Tragedy

Tower of Tragedy Vehicle Screenshot

Used the smart idea of Trays for walls from another builder's creation. You can buzz in, and drop weights (though all drop at once).

Why won't Grunty join in!?!

Madame Grunty

Madame Grunty Vehicle Screenshot

Be very careful when entering Madame Grunty's Tent! Who knows what waits inside.... sit down, and let your fortune be revealed.... maybe you will encounter some raging fires in your future? Or maybe it's covered in smoke....

And, maybe, you're just destined to die in fiery explosion. That too.

Mecha Grunty

Mecha Grunty Vehicle Screenshot

This one is quite fun. It can fly, but don't expect it to win any races.

Terranium of Terror Germ

Terranium Germ Vehicle Screenshot

Some people think this is a boss. Go first person for a surprise! It explodes nicely.

Grunty Mech

Grunty Mech Vehicle Screenshot

The almighty Grunty. She has the power to shoot fire from her fingertips! Pretty much Mecha Grunty, with a new paintjob, less weapons, can't fly, has less cool hands, but, on the upside she has a scarf!

From here on, just a few random vehicles I've made.


Balloon Vehicle Screenshot

Camping Gear

Camp Site Vehicle Screenshot

Camp Site 2 Vehicle Screenshot

Juicygoose (Viva Pinata)

Juicygoose Vehicle Screenshot


Island Vehicle Screenshot


Plane Vehicle Screenshot

Plane 2 Vehicle Screenshot

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Vehicle Screenshot

Pirate Ship Interior Vehicle Screenshot

Random Pics

Fishing Screenshot

Scenic Beach Screenshot

Scenic Beach 2 Screenshot

Pretty darn good lookin' game.

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