Note: This site is around for archival purpose only. Look around at some cool art and cringy writing I did when I was younger.

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Halo Reach Bridge Map

Halo Reach Blue Base

Halo Reach Red Base

This is pretty much the only passable map I've made using Halo Reach's forge mode. Called "Bridged", I took a look around Forge World for a unique piece of real estate for a cool big team battle map. I'm a heavy leaner toward insanely big maps, large amounts of weapons and vehicles. So I found this section of the map and decided I had to make a map that extended from one side all the way to the complete other end.

Of course, after the initial Forging contest Bungie hosted it became clear that everyone else discovered this exact same location as me and also built bridges across it. Darn it.

Not like I've gotten a chance to test this map, but it SHOULD have everything necessary for normal play. I've added it to my file-share, which you can find here. Feel free to download any of the 'hilarious' clips I have. Lemmings is especially hilarious; it happened in a 100% legitimate random Race game within a week of Reach's release.

Forge World Adventure

Halo Reach Adventure

Halo Reach Adventure 2

Here I was attempting to be cool and use all of Forge World's geography in an exploratory way; I tossed down some mystical, mysterious lighting and attempted to make a sort of "find the path forward" sort of thing.

I was hoping I could maybe use armour abilities as a sort of progression tool, but other than the jetpack it wasn't too easy to make obstacles, so I never finished it. And what kind of ending would it have had anyway? Nothing amazing, unfortunately.


Halo Reach Sea Map

Just a random, not too notable map I half-made; not really set up for any sort of play, I just liked the location really.


My Halo 3 file share used to have some entertaining clips, but Bungie shut down hosting for it awhile ago, so you can only check out my one awesome screenshot.


Awesome Halo 3 Screenshot



Wasteland Viva Pinata Screenshot

Ok, so, not the most cheery looking screenshot for a game called Viva Piñata, but it's got an almost backwards-like beauty. I made this garden (Yes, the piñatas live in gardens) as far opposite on the spectrum that Viva Piñata operates on as I could, toward old, broken, and dark.

I'd say it was a success. It's a testament to the versatility of the game.

Wasteland Sour Pinatas Viva Pinata Screenshot

Obviously this garden is a home for the game's "Sour" Piñatas and Ruffians.

Wasteland Viva Pinata Screenshot 2

Wasteland Viva Pinata Screenshot 3

Wasteland Viva Pinata Screenshot 4


I originally made a topic about this on an old forum I frequented, so it's such a huge string of images I have to link it to another page.



All I have here is to link to my one LittleBigPlanet level that I actually put a deal of effort into. It's barely even been played, which is kind of tragic in my eyes. It needs loving!

It's vaguely melancholic, but it's hard to actually make something deeply emotional in LittleBigPlanet. The level isn't too hard except for an admittedly confusing ice challenge; it's mostly simple platforming and more about the scenery than the challenge.


Page Background Coral Decoration
Page Background Fish Decoration