Note: This site is around for archival purpose only. Look around at some cool art and cringy writing I did when I was younger.

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December 3rd 2014 - Stopdoor

Darn, missed November, oh well.

October 27th 2014 - Stopdoor

I fixed the 'to-do' boxes not-bolded problem (it seems I was missing some really obvious HTML tags, don't know how they got lost), and I've also had to revert to ugly borders on Firefox for the time being. Hopefully I'll look into it soon!

October 2nd 2014 - Stopdoor

Just checking in.

September 12th 2014 - Stopdoor

Ouch, didn't post in August, that ain't good for morale.

July 1st 2014 - Stopdoor

Been awhile - unfortunately busy. Learning a bunch though that I could apply here. Did you know that Paragraph tags in HTML actually are supposed to be closed?? (probably not)

Wow, that's first time I've done that right there. Unfortunately difficult to retroactively change considering the high number of paragraphs absolutely everywhere.

June 1st 2014 - Stopdoor

So, this website's been up for 1000 days. I made the following pretty slapdashedly, just kind of drew random stuff, and it wasn't really coming along well, so I've posted a small bit of it below.

It'll make the page look a bit off until this post moves down, so instead I'm going to keep writing and writing some more words to make it look a bit less silly. You probably don't know what I mean, but oh well. Maybe at 2000 I'll have some amazing celebration?

Probably 3000.

So uh, happy 1000 day?

May 23rd 2014 - Stopdoor

Hmm, almost to Day 1000 it seems. It'd be nice to have something to eventful for that, but, well, you know.

May 2nd 2014 - Stopdoor

I was looking through my old art folders from high school and found some semi-interesting stuff I forgot I had, so I've put them up on the 'Computer Art' pages (along with one to the MS Paint Art page).

I've placed new stuff in in chronological order, but admittedly that doesn't make it easy to see 'what's new'. For now I'll leave that up to the viewer because, well, if they don't remember, they can just view my old stuff as new again!

April 26th 2014 - Stopdoor

I'm now off-school but without a summer co-op job yet, so the only other directive I have right now is to build my website/computer skills. I've tinkered around with code formatting and spelling errors on the website, but I should try some more radical stuff in the future if I keep on it.

Primarily looking for solutions to this static 'news' posting process - it's unfortunately quite obscure though.

April 10th 2014 - Stopdoor

Just updating to say I have been working on some art things for the last while - who knows when they'll get completed? I should have heavy stressful work this summer, so I can't really commit unfortunately.

I can pull together something that looks halfway decent pretty quickly - but I find I'm really sloppy with the detail, it's something I really need to improve. The detail ends up taking me ages longer, mostly because I'm shooting in the dark. Almost need formal practice or something. Oh well, one day I'll hit that Sea Monster Fight benchmark again.

Also, I should really rollover this page sometime. Or more pressingly, figure out database solutions to news posts.

March 8th 2014 - Stopdoor

I've uploaded a new poster I made for my previous university's gaming club, along with putting up all the old ones. Check them out on the MS Paint Art Page under Art! They're all under the one green/blue 'Game On!' poster there.

February 15th 2014 - Stopdoor

My, a month without updating. That's embarassing. Just know that I won't unceremoniously stop updating, I would definitely announce that. This website has long term usefulness, so I can't see myself ever giving up on it even if it slows for periods.

January 15th 2014 - Stopdoor

(Everything seemed to work out)

January 4th 2014 - Stopdoor

So I should've switched over hosting; I made sure to only host the necessary files for the website, so if there's some pictures missing somewhere or anything someone let me know. January 10th is the deadline for the old hosting, so I should know everything's worked out then.

December 26th 2013 - Stopdoor

As a heads up; I'm going to be switching web hosting companies; so in case things don't go smoothly, this is my warning to you, the few people who read this.

December 22nd 2013 - Stopdoor

Some light behind the scenes work going on. I wouldn't get too excited though, mostly sharpening.

December 5th 2013 - Stopdoor

I, uh, updated the To-Do list a bit. There's a thing!

December 1st 2013 - Stopdoor

Just posting for the sake of it. Hopefully I'll have something soon.

November 3rd 2013 - Stopdoor

Decided to upload an old piece of writing. It's pretty much nonsense, but it's kind of entertaining and not filled with too much immature 'randomness' (not that it makes much sense, but it at least never references any tired internet jokes).

October 27th 2013 - Stopdoor

Heh, nearly didn't add an October update. Not much to post on, but I have a goal to do some back-end cleaning, and to incorporate more PHP/Database stuff. Problem is always time, though the experience of working on those things is kind of essential to my university program now.

September 18th 2013 - Stopdoor

Had to remove the old chatbox because it conflicted with Google's Ad policy (crazy, lewd stuff could be said there right beside ads!). It's pretty much dead and unused anyway. I'll look into putting it back, but the way my site is structured makes it hard to take ads off specific pages.

September 5th 2013 - Stopdoor

I've added finish dates to a lot of the content on the site. It's a little ugly but it works for now.

New university program starts soon, this will be interesting.

August 29th 2013 - Stopdoor

Not sure why but I've added a minor art piece to the MS Paint Art Page.

August 28th 2013 - Stopdoor

The domain '' expires in 10 days, so hopefully anyone reading this has '' bookmarked by now.

August 20th 2013 - Stopdoor

I'm slowly combing through my writing and trying to make it a bit less cringe-worthy and but still a bit clever. Unfortunately a bit of a difficult balance, and a slow process that's likely not worth much.

August 11th 2013 - Stopdoor

Just checking in for an August update. School starts in about a month, that will be interesting.

July 17th 2013 - Stopdoor

Ping. Working two summer jobs, so time is extra busy, unfortunately.

July 1st 2013 - Stopdoor

It's not July 1st yet, but I just thought I'd make another post instead of adding to the previous one. I 'fixed' my ad problem (which was really on my computer's end?) and I've fixed Horizontal Land to better stretch to pages. That really gets rid of all real problems, anything else is just design sharpening and changing.

I've also rolled over this page again, it's been six months. I'm not sure if I should have a better solution to 'news' archiving, at this rate I'm going to have a lot of 'archive' news pages that aren't really easy to sift through (not that there's much of value there). I leave that problem to the far-flung future.


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