Note: This site is around for archival purpose only. Look around at some cool art and cringy writing I did when I was younger.

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Game: Slime in Super China

Game Screenshot

January 2010


This was made in early 10th grade for my first Computer Science class, using Adobe Flash CS4. While it's VERY rough around the edges, it's still surprisingly promising considering I had zero programming knowledge at all before the class.

So again, disclaiming here, this game is not optimized for anything. At all. I'd say it was made at a resolution of 1280 x 1024, so anything else, especially vertical, you're getting an unfortunately nerfed experience. Heck, even I can't see the Restart Button, which would be in the bottom right corner and works like a champ if you can see it. I designed the game at maximized window size instead of a reasonable small window, and I didn't really realize the consequences of that at the time (and neither did my teacher, really).

You can clip through the sides and bottoms of blocks, so it's not an insanely hard platformer, and the jumping physics were troublesome when I designed them. There's no explanation why they're so floaty, and I've even had cases where it becomes un-floaty depending on the PC/browser/window size, so it could even be impossible to beat the game if your computer decides to not interpret my code in ways I don't understand. It's only a few minutes long, so make sure to beat it!

P.S. To explain a reference in game, Jenna was just a girl who sat beside me in that class, I thought I was incredibly clever being flirty right in my game.

Video Game Stuff


A collection of any video game content I've made that I can link to or share screenshots of. Peruse at your leisure.

Comic: Ninja Kirby vs Kamek the Majikoopa by Stopdoor Age 10

September-October 2003


This is a comic I made way, way, way back during my early days on the computer/internet. Pretty much my introduction to MS Paint. I actually wanted to sell these at school during 5th grade; of course, the principal didn't quite agree with me collecting money from other 10 year olds for a... product of dubious quality.

Just a few things to explain; it's not a finished product. So no, you'll never see what happens to Ninja Kirby in the most dramatic cliffhanger of our generation. I do vaguely remember I had planned for Kirby to turn into one of those fat shy guys. After that, the sleeping Wispy Wood tree would've come back into play to send Kirby home or something.

The last comic is a bonus, from a second "Bowser's Invasion!" story arc that obviously never got anywhere.

I have three other comics from when I was 13 and briefly tried my hand at 'webcomics' again, but they're a bit less charming so I'll leave them out for now.


December 2006

Here's just a few really old tidbits I remembered I still have. Two terrible games, and two mostly terrible animation clips done by me and a friend at the time.

My Game
My Clip
Friend's Game
Friend's Clip

Website Screenshot

January 2011


Right here I have a website I made for an 11th grade project. You could call it the precursor to where you are right now, but it was supposed to be a business focused website. It was my first class in web design, so it's even more poorly designed than this site. Built with tables, and not really optimized for any resolution, it'll probably work fine but don't be surprised if something breaks. I also wouldn't advise trying any of the 'e-mails' on those pages.

I also disown most of the humour there. It was a different, more naive time. So I do have to warn you not to be startled by the 'FBI'...

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