Note: This site is around for archival purpose only. Look around at some cool art and cringy writing I did when I was younger.

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I realized a few years ago I've always been kind of artistically inclined. Looking back, the reason video games always appealed so highly to me was because of their reach over a large combination of mediums. In other terms, they felt limitless with imagination; you have control over every aspect of the creation. To an indulgent kid like me, that was the ultimate. Games are so highly dependent on all kinds of art, and since I was interested in games, I've become interested in art.

I'm an abstract type of artist; I'm not yet adept at cohesive people or things, but I'm working on it. Computer art's easy editing gives me the chance to hammer away until I refine my process.

I'm also a fan of Microsoft Paint, using it as my tool of choice. It started as a necessity but now I just prefer the challenge and simplicity. I'd compare it to something like chiptune music. It may be an inferior process to produce music, but the end result still has its own unique feel and the challenge is fun.

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