Note: This site is around for archival purpose only. Look around at some cool art and cringy writing I did when I was younger.

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October 22nd 2015 - Stopdoor

I guess it's time to admit the obvious, inevitable fate - this website is comatose (and of course no one reads it). Kind of depressing looking back on my ideals for making this website - it was cool at the time, but I never really updated it like I intended to (like a lot of hobby site developers, probably). It looks like a site I made in 2011 and that doesn't give me much enthusiasm to advertise it as a mouthpiece now. I'm just not really sure in which direction to expend my creative energy any more and what my online identity is, so this website feels like a dead-end for now.

I'll probably still upload art content, which is really just the posters I make for my university's gaming club. But I just want to state that there won't really be any more 'news' postings like before, which were always kind of useless.

Just a bit sad admitting to the common fate of so many other personal websites, that I was sure I could avoid while younger.

July 26th 2015 - Stopdoor

Probably my worst gap in updates so far - not that I've really updated much more than posting for long stretches.

I am working on a new web project to motivate myself and learn stuff, pretty much my own custom Backloggery for my game collection. Hopefully it'll be slick and modern, but still incorporating some cool MS Paint arty-ness like this site.

I've thought about re-doing this site, but I'm not really sure how to go about it - there's a big disconnect between my 'web' life and 'real' life. I want to show off my website, but the Stopdoor thing is kind of weird in real life, and same with the reverse. We'll see, I guess.

I'm really just talking to myself, I know. But if I'm not, cool!

March 7th 2015 - Stopdoor

Was locked out of the site there for a bit, fixed it now.

January 4th 2015 - Stopdoor

Game Club Posters 2014-2015

Added the posters to the 'MS Paint Art' section, there thumbnail is a little tiny, not a fan.

January 3rd 2015 - Stopdoor

Finally archived the old stuff - I'm probably going to update this page at some point, I'm thinking I'll get away from a useless news feed. Change it some sort of indicator feed when I've added new content. I'll likely upload some club posters soon too.


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